Buyers Guides

Our Buying Guides can be thought of as our “online shop assistant” designed to guide and advise you on your purchasing decisions.

Simple, clear and informative with links to other sites and information, the guides will help you avoid those purchasing errors that we have all made at some time or other!!

Also, because the range of products available for all sports has become immense (and confusing), we have attempted to do much of “the leg work” so that you can be confident of choosing from the best products when visiting us!

Thus we have spent many hours selecting what we believe are the best products available in each category to save the customer wasted hours searching for themselves. For example, there are dozens of “base layer” type undershirts for sale and we have selected for our store what we consider to be the best in terms of functionality, price, fit etc.

However, if you are attempting to locate a style not displayed in-store then please contact us by any method and we will endeavour to help.