Welcome to our swimming guide! Our chosen swimwear supplier is Maru. In our opinion, Maru offers the finest swimwear available whether you are looking for classic, traditional styles or latest, cutting edge fashion.

Ladies often struggle to find flattering swimwear that they feel comfortable in. However, within the Maru range there is something for everyone.

Consider the following questions to help you find the perfect suit:

  1. Which is most important to you – longevity or fit/feel? (nylon/lycra produces the best fitting and comfortable swimsuits but chlorine resistant (Pacer fabric in “maru speak”) suits last much longer.)
  2. What sort of “cut” are you looking for? (briefer styles with high legs and cutaway backs are less restrictive and facilitate faster swimming while lower leg styles with higher backs may suit those more conscious of their figure!)
  3. Plain or patterned? (black is generally flattering for most ladies but Maru are renowned for their eye catching designs!)

So for example, if you prefer a long life costume in a traditional low leg style in black then something like the Block Pacer Masters is ideal for you.

In terms of sizing, the chart below gives an approximate comparison between Maru sizes and conventional UK dress sizes:

  • 34 – 10
  • 36 – 12
  • 38 – 14
  • 40 – 16
  • 42 – 18
  • 44 – 20

For men, there are similar options available in terms of fabric, cut and colour. Thus, one man may prefer a traditional black trunk (Pacer Brief) while the next may be after a long pair of loose fit coloured shorts.

Goggles are another source of buying frustration for many. New customers often complain that they cannot find comfortable goggles to fit. The problem is often that they have failed to find the correct size goggle. This is why we stock goggles in four main sizes:

  • Under sixes
  • Junior (approx 6 -14)
  • Ladies
  • Mens

The first factor to consider then when purchasing goggles is the size. Once this has been done then subject to availability, other factors including colour, shape, adjustability, price etc can be considered. As ever, our advice is to come in and try some on!